Cynergy Physical Therapy


When I had no help from the medical world and no hope left, you agreed to see me. Your extraordinary knowledge and skills, your encouragement, your ability to delicately respect the patient’s body and emotions while doing the work made a big difference in my life.


I had very traumatic birth and doctors said that I will get better on my own. Time went by, but my progress was very limited. I was frustrated because I could not take care of my daughter the way I wanted. My continued pain and weakness took away my joy of being a mom. Yana was able to guide me all way through and speed up my recovery.  I knew that I was in good hands and decided to have another child. Second time around with Yana’s help and guidance, I got back to shape fast. I know now, that many complications could be prevented and there is help out there for new moms. Yana, you are a credit to your profession 

T. P.

Yana made me feel comfortable and helped me become more in tune with my body. Yana has helped me so much through the pain. Her skills are extraordinary. Yana gave me hope and worked wonders for me. I am so happy I found Yana. S.J.

— S. J.

I saw doctors, chiropractors, had physical therapy but my right groin pain did not get better. Only after three sessions, my pain was gone, and my right leg strength improved.  

K. M.

Yana’s patience, expertise, knowledge, continued studies and constant attention to my needs were the best treatment I could ever have received. My long-lasting pain was gone.


After seeing multiple practitioners with little to no relief, I finally found the right one. Yana was able to bring my pain down. Her extraordinary skills and magic hands brought me back to function. I could not have a better therapist. 


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